Friday, February 15, 2008

Paul and abortion
The modern “fight” against abortion is little more than a shell game, as the so-called Right-to-Life lobby has submarined everything that would have effectively overturned Roe. Here is the thing to keep in mind: the “official” Right-to-Life lobby needs to have the issue nationalized if for no other reason than to protect their own jobs in Washington, DC.

No, I am not saying that the Right-to-Life lobby is a jobs program for “respectable” activists (though at times that is what it seems to be). However, once
Roe was overturned or Congress had voted to take all abortion issues out of the federal courts, the issue no longer would be nationalized, and there would be little need for a Right-to-Life presence in Washington.

One reason that they insist on a Constitutional amendment is that they know it never will pass. Thus, they keep their presence in DC indefinitely.

...he has stated over and over again that he
never came up against a situation in which abortion was necessary to save the life of a mother, despite having participated in more than 4,000 deliveries.
I don’t favor jailing women and doctors as a solution.

I oppose
Roe v. Wade. But when the rightwing thinks of opposing Roe v. Wade, they usually think of replacing it with an equally unConstitutional, and even more tyrannical, federal regime. They want a federal war on abortion. They want lots of people to be sent to jail.

...the fascist right position, to see the issue as another excuse for yet another illegal, unrestrained, national socialist crusade. Not all rightwingers simply oppose abortion because killing is simply wrong. No, they support the death penalty and endless, massively murderous war — it is not killing they oppose. They support laws against abortion for similar reasons that they support laws against drugs, prostitution, pornography, dissent and all other crimes against their moral code.

Ron Paul thinks the first step the president should take in his official capacity on abortion is to admit he has no say on it, no jurisdiction — it should not be up to the emperor of the “free world” to eradicate sins.

He doesn’t want to see millions of women jailed. He doesn’t want a national police state.

And he's indeed the only candidate proposing a way to actually circumvent
Roe v. Wade — through simple Constitutional congressional action — rather than holding it out as a carrot to keep the religious right supporting his campaign. If conservatives were really pro-life, and pro-Constitution, his would be the only candidacy they could back. Of course, they aren't.

On January 22 — the 35th anniversary of the
Roe v. Wade decision — Ron Paul was the only presidential candidate who spoke at the March for Life in Washington, DC.
The mainstream right loves FDR
...federal regulation of business, the national welfare state, the idea that central planning can trick or bully the people into being more productive than they otherwise would be.

How many Republicans politicians understand and oppose the FDR legacy? They all love the American empire he built, of course, the creation of the murderous US nuke arsenal, the ushering in of a 60-year foreign policy of uninterrupted intervention and war. But they also favor the domestic side.
From the LRC blog.

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