Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paying insurgents not to fight
Which makes more sense, paying off Sunni freedom fighters ($800,000 a day) or getting the hell out of Iraq? Which do you think Mr Bush’s minders are doing? From antiwar.com.
Most of the violence in Iraq during the past five years has resulted from Sunnis and Shi’ites driving each other out of mixed neighborhoods. Had the two groups been capable of uniting against the U.S. troops, the U.S. would have been driven out of Iraq long ago. Instead, the Iraqis slaughtered each other and fought the Americans in their spare time.

In other words, the “surge” has had nothing to do with any decline in violence.
Like Marshal Tito’s death in Yugoslavia, overthrowing the secular Baathist government in Iraq unleashed all this.

Speaking of payoffs:
As the world now knows, Blair’s “dodgy dossier” about the threat allegedly posed by Iraq was a contrivance that allowed Blair to put British troops at the service of Bush’s aggression in the Middle East. Now that Blair is out of his prime minister job, he has been rewarded with millions of dollars in sinecures from financial firms such as JP Morgan and millions more in speaking engagements. As part of the payoff, the Bush Republicans have even put Mrs. Blair on the lucrative lecture circuit.

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