Friday, February 29, 2008

Political correctness 1, reality nil
Reminds me of former career US Army officer Brian Mitchell in Flirting with Disaster: heard him speak and he convinced me. From Mere Comments.

BTW this is nothing to do with recent popular religious Controversial Issues™ (comment). From the Ship:
I know of one staunch FiFer of the “never” group who sees priesthood as “ontologically male” (if that is the correct term), but does not equate it necessarily with leadership — and he has no difficulties at all with women in leadership roles — in the church or elsewhere.
An authentically Catholic position, which is sacerdotalist not clericalist (the latter is a caricature of the church) nor is it related to Protestant arguments about headship using 1 Timothy.

Outside the First World middle classes that matter mostly just doesn’t come up. Rome is simply following the historic Catholic mainstream (the Pope can’t do otherwise; he’s only the Pope!), which is microscopic in America but (not that numbers make truth) always the Christian majority worldwide. (In this Protestant land we have the feeling of, as a Continuing-church friend once said to me, belonging simultaneously to a very big and very small church.) There’s no massive (or much of any) movement to change it in the Orthodox communion for example, churches with which the First World Anglican ones used to care a lot about good relations.

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