Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A revolution betrayed?
Justin Raimondo asks as Ron Paul seems to bow out of the presidential race, urging him to consider going the third-party route. From Joshua Snyder.

Wendy McElroy seems a left-libertarian who went off Paul (if she liked him to begin with) over his biggest mistake as Mr Raimondo and I agree, pandering to a certain unsavoury kind of conservative (and the related newsletter row — again a racist wouldn’t promise to pardon and empty the jails of black drugs offenders so I think he’s innocent), but like her I wonder about all that cash.


She’s got this link:

Now that Paul has brought some libertarians into the GOP the Republicans will try to play them
Talk about unintended consequences

Of all the LP candidates based on what I know so far I like Steve Kubby the best (and he’s for open immigration).

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