Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Russian bomber buzzes American warship (serviceable translations: ‘Good for you, mate!’ or this pilot’s got the right stuff)

Marines kicked out of Toledo, Ohio by mayor

Putting the military in its place ≠ pacifism:

Boston police ready to disarm public
Friendly cooperation. Sure.

Armed Texan foils would-be thief

The lesson of seeing Ron Paul squelched: people don’t really want to be free

On that note:

Bon appetit
I’ll be blunt, even rude: You can call it Republican sh*t. You can call it Democratic sh*t. You can call it progressive sh*t. It’s still sh*t. It’s still murder, and torture, and criminal war, and a growing surveillance state. If you vote for the Democratic or the Republican candidate for president — and if you vote for almost any of the candidates for national office — you’re voting for murder. You’re voting for torture. You’re voting for criminal war. You’re voting for the growing surveillance state. Is that what you choose to do? Is that what you choose to support? Is it?
Steve Kubby
If he’s the LP candidate on the ballot, sure, why not? A libertarian leader cult is a contradiction in terms.

The hard left rubbishes Romney

Filter out the crap and enjoy

McCain apes Bush on Iraq; Dems stand passively by

Homeland Security says Americans no longer expect privacy

Mission accomplished

The problem is nationalism
Not patriotism

Without an infallible church:
Morality is the status quo, modified to accommodate the wants and needs of you, the individual.

Immorality is changes to the system that seem weird and dangerous to you.
‘The Spirit’/being ‘prophetic’: doing whatever upper-middle-class society fancies at the moment.

The evil of taxing the rich
I know Russians from two generations: Communism doesn’t work

The election: forget red and blue!

Iraq accord, US bases perpetuate cycle of stupidity

Border wall slashes through Texas’ soul

Closer to 1984

From Rational Review.

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