Sunday, February 17, 2008

English culture

Talking to Anglocat about the English ‘Reformation’

English culture
...properly understood is not [a] “vain thing”... and that we all surely recognize. It has little to do with Almy, Wippell’s or the King’s College choir. It has much to do with the common law and with those “little platoons” that make up much of English-speaking society — or at least did until the last 50 years or so. It has to do with Shakespeare, Eliot, Lewis and Tolkien. It is the men of the Birkenhead. It is the defense of private property and a sovereign, whether king or president, that rules by the consent of the governed. It is those “permanent things” held dear by the English-speaking peoples. It is conservatism as practiced by those English-speaking peoples and it is on its deathbed. Anglican liturgical practice is just a part of it. The whole has been articulated and defended by Burke, Eliot, Kirk, Orwell, Roger Scruton and others.
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