Monday, February 11, 2008

‘Today’s parlance defaults to the mildly, ironically offensive’
Notes James Poulos quoted by Ross Douthat:
The appropriation of Ghetto Talk by the whitebread infotainment industry mirrors a broader ease, especially among those under 45, with casually framing the events of everyday social life in bitch-pimp terms.
Which seems a way of saying many/most that age aren’t very nice.
Another cardinal rule of MSM Edginess: degrade obliquely... uploaded into [one’s] hard drive over many years spent in moving through a high-budget industry devoted largely to making itself comfortable with the great American lowbrow.
Politics, consumer products and selling an image
Or an ‘experience’, or is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC? (More.) All rubbish of course but it works like a soft-sell advert with an attractive face for no real reason.

Again one can say those Apple ones backfired as John Hodgeman was so endearing as PC whilst the Mac was arrogant. (I’ve not used the latter machine in about 10 years.) Charley suggested a more realistic version would have a pumped, buff PC with a high-and-tight haircut and a Tommy Chong-like hippy burnout as Apple’s product.

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