Thursday, February 28, 2008

What was wrong with Buckley
Charming, a talented speaker and writer with many Catholic beliefs (politically a veneer but true of the man in person, often a gentleman and charitable) and admirably libertarian on social issues but a statist and government-funded betrayer of the real right.
I would merely note that his death seems to coincide with the death of his dangerous neoconservative ideology.

The rise of the Internet and its decentralizing effect on information disbursement has allowed Old Right ideas to break out again.

One needs to observe Ron Paul’s fantastic presidential campaign today and the growing importance of Old Right publications such as
The American Conservative compared to the sad state of Buckley’s own National Review (which is virtually unknown to anyone under 40).
Wishful thinking? The media blackout of Paul shows that the neoconnerie and establishment left are still in charge but this hoped-for comeback still could happen.

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