Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Europeans are not eager to die in Afghanistan (more)
They don’t want to be cannon fodder for the American empire like the Scots were in the British. End the US occupation of Europe.
With all available US troops tied down in Iraq, the US is using NATO soldiers as mercenaries to try to counter a resurgent Taliban. Europeans are tiring of their role as a European proxy for America’s legions, and the NATO commander speaks of a NATO defeat in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan “mission,” like the Iraq “mission,” was a mission for US and Israel hegemony.

If the US now needs foreign troops to save its bacon in these two lost wars, it should demand them from Israel. Israel is why the US is at war in the Middle East. Let Israel supply the troops. The neocons who dominated the Bush regime and took America to illegal wars are allied with the extreme right-wing government of Israel. The goal of neoconservatism is to remove all obstacles to Israeli territorial expansion. The Zionist aim is to grab the entirely of the West Bank and southern Lebanon, with more to follow later.

Why does the rich, powerful European Union even need NATO any more? The Soviet threat is gone — at least for now. Nuclear-armed France and Britain are quite capable of defending Europe against outside threats. Why cannot the new European Defense Force take over NATO’s role of defending Europe and protecting EU interests?
From LRC.

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