Friday, February 29, 2008

Why is this blog here?
Fr Mark has tagged me:
Rule 1) List three reasons for your blogging.
Rule 2) List the rules.
Rule 3) Tag three others with the thread.
Political: to teach and hopefully mobilise people for (as in getting them to pass it on and even to vote for) libertarianism, not necessarily a particular candidate or party but the principles, one goal of which is to bring the soldiers home from Iraq now which explains this blog’s name.

Religious: to share the Catholic faith (not necessarily a denomination but the principles) including in forms not well-known outside certain pockets of Anglicanism where they’re now endangered species (from birettas to ‘half-timbered English’ to tolerant conservatism), which ties into

Social, as in ‘blogging ecumenism rocks’ and reaching out in general which I confess is a way of saying ‘Look at me!’ though not bad in itself. As the Revd Jane recently wrote on the fifth anniversary of doing this (technically this went online in mid-2002 but properly got started at the beginning of 2003), this medium
...has enriched my life and widened my world in ways I could never have imagined. I’m glad I decided to call this bit of cyberspace home.

Thanks, folks.
Thank you.

Tagging Ad Orientem, Per Christum and, across the aisle but nowhere near as far away as common knowledge might have it (I said blogging ecumenism is cool), Derek.

The image is from Marco Vervoorst (who of course is welcome to play).

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