Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Deer Hunter
The moral and mental consequences of war violence and politically manipulated patriotism upon the meaning of friendship, honor and family in a tightly knit community.
At last I saw all three hours of it, part of the Netflix Vietnam War film fest at Runnemede.

Interesting detail to me: to represent working-class white America the writers and filmmakers went to upstate Pennsylvania, choosing to show Orthodox Slavs in Clairton (a real town in the west near Pittsburgh). The church and priest are real: St Theodosius Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio. Nitpick: the old woman talking to the priest in an early scene is speaking Russian. Possible. But not likely. The parishes up there are ‘Russian Orthodox’, in the old Russian ‘Metropolia’ diocese now in the OCA, but the people are not Russian but Ruthenian/Ukrainian (Rusyn as Wikipedia correctly says; Lemkos as in Lemko Hall are a sub-group); their old lingo (which in the 1960s I’m sure many older people still spoke) a kind of Ukrainian. Probably what the old women carrying the wedding cake are using: a goulash with Slovak, Polish and even Hungarian words.

Another fun, insider fact: The party at the Lemko Hall is so authentic that when they stopped filming it the people didn’t want to stop! Пей до дна (‘bottoms up’)...
You know something?
The whole thing, it’s right here.
I love this f*ckin’ place.

God bless America...
Hate the federal government, love the people.

That’s not changed in 30 years.

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