Saturday, March 22, 2008

‘The High Tide’

A computer-animated short video about Ron Paul.

He’s sensibly going back to Congress as the revolution is going local but:

McNeocon can forget about getting an endorsement

On the Clinton-Obama soap opera, the spectacle of a yuppie black couple complaining about being oppressed (coming off as both ingrates and clueless) and his apparently real angst about ‘not being black enough’ are mildly interesting but the real issue is:
There is no real philosophical difference between the two. I find it rather strange that so much animosity can be stirred up between two individuals who believe the same things. And the whole race issue bewilders me because we are talking about two Democrats who are not in the least bit racist. And yet race has become an issue, mostly stirred up by the media, who love this stuff.
On Ralph Nader:
I think he represents some of the Democratic principles better than the Democratic candidates themselves. And I actually believe him when he says he doesn’t want this war. Even though I disagree with him on some other issues, at least he stands for what he believes in. But he will be marginalized — he won’t be able to get into the debates, because we don’t have a true democracy in this country. The two parties are essentially the same, and a Libertarian candidate, a Green Party candidate, Ralph Nader — they are going to get nothing. Unless of course they are Ross Perot and have $10 billion, in which case they put you right in front on TV. The media isn’t really interested in issues; they are more interested in notoriety.
From the LRC blog.

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