Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on Iraq five years on
Rod Dreher’s lessons:
  • The human capacity for self-deception is boundless. Beware emotion in political reasoning.
  • Do not trust the government. Its leaders will lie, both to you and to themselves.
  • Culture precedes politics.
  • Liberal democracy is not universally the best way to govern societies, especially Islamic ones. Remember Otto von Habsburg: I am a legitimist.
  • Having a strong military is no guarantee that you’ll be a strong nation. America is much weaker than we think.
  • You cannot trust the Republican Party on foreign policy and national security. That’s not to say you can trust the Democrats either.
  • It is easy to look at a leader who is blindly, foolishly arrogant, and think you’re looking at confidence. It is easy to think yourself confident, but in fact be blindly, foolishly arrogant.
  • History matters. The temptation to think it doesn’t is constant — particularly among Americans, who are so ignorant of it, and who think we can defy its lessons.
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