Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The obvious solution to the Episcopal row
Is for the Episcopal Church to walk out of or be expelled from the Anglican Communion. Which wouldn’t and shouldn’t affect most Episcopalians in any way. (For example both sides commune all baptised Christians so it really doesn’t affect laymen at all.) Accusing the Archbishop of Abuja of war crimes (AFAIK in a civil war in which Christians were literally fighting for survival), as if he’s going to launch an amphibious assault to shut down St Giles on the Green using deadly force, even during Tyler and Chad’s wedding, is a ridiculous red herring. His having American churches subject to American law is no threat to others’ civil liberties (no Americans are being thrown in jail for being gay nor should they be). Most Anglicans don’t agree with you that gay sex is not a sin. Tough. Why not be ‘prophetic’ on your own? And save yourselves a few grand on a trip to the Lambeth Conference.

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