Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playing by Obama’s rules
The race card, or Geraldine Ferraro wasn’t being racist but telling the truth. But:
It is certainly hypocritical for Ferraro and other liberals, who have been advocating affirmative-action policies for their entire careers, to suddenly criticize Obama as not having adequate experience and only being selected because he is black.

The American people (or significant activist portions of them) are notorious for engaging in major potential self-damaging actions, to preserve perceptions (or in certain cases illusions) of their view of themselves as progressive, fair-minded, idealistic, etc. Witness (1) an eminently avoidable and massively destructive civil war, with destructive resonance which continues to this day; (2) expeditionary forces in WW1 when only dim notions of self-interest justified it...
‘Progressive’ Protestants were hawks keen on destroying what was left of Catholic Europe.
(3) the Abraham Lincoln brigade as leading edge into the WW2 European theatre, to orchestrated mass-media cheer.
The mainline mainstream favoured Communists over Catholic Spain, then the same people cheered and worked for the USSR in WWII. Why I am not surprised?
The racial/diversity/etc. card is always played by both parties (hardly only Democrats or liberals) when the idealism tag can easily be wedded to it.
Then again silly identity politics can work for me, or why I don’t have to change my registration again and strategically vote next month for the empty suit (the ‘tolerably blank tabula rasa’) over the witch (and indirectly against the mad bomber) instead of the principled vote for Paul I’ve promised to cast:
Black Philadelphians will likely vote for Obama against their leaders’ choice.

The only way that Hillary Clinton will become president is to persuade Democratic superdelegates that Obama can not win an election against John McCain. The Democratic primaries have pretty much shown that Obama garners scant support from whites over fifty years of age, even those who are Democratic in allegiance. This is Queen Hillary’s only shot and the stilleto is drawn.

Although Hillary Clinton is a repulsive woman, one should admire her audacity and willpower.

Buchanan actually differs from your typical conservative in that he tried to appeal to the average person for support and was attacked to no end. In fact any person who does so is sneered at as a populist. And its no accident that the liberals constantly pick elitists such as Will, Gergan, Hewitt, Brooks, and Kristol to represent conservatives in the media. These men are harmless since they have zero appeal to the average person.
Looking on a possible bright side if the Dems win in November:
Is it better to send McCain down in flames this November at the risk of some racial trumpmanship by Obama?

So many common white folk undoubtedly are being screwed far more by our War Regime than they are by any sleight-of-hand on race issues.

The neo-conservatives now in charge of the executive branch and the Republican Party might scurry back to their sewer holes along K Street and their Texas “ranch” houses, whichever the case might be. The current Wilsonian foreign policy might end. The troops may trickle home from Iraq. Fox News and
The Weekly Standard might be shuttered in the manner of Detroit. Maybe [it] isn’t so bad to contemplate.
Better than the mad bomber.
The presidential race is a farce and a joke, all fluff without substance, concentrating on some ideological, non-real world, left-wing abstraction that we have been brainwashed into believing is important. We live in the non-sensible fantasy world of TV.

As for the larger political sphere, blacks are only 12 percent of the population and a shrinking segment at that.
Identity politics are ridiculous but I can see the Hispanic vote becoming the more courted one in future.

Obama’s pastor is also capable of telling unpopular truth:
On the Sunday after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Wright said the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies.
I knew that on that Tuesday morning when I realised a Cessna hadn’t hit the building by mistake. That part of the world doesn’t love the American empire.

From Chronicles.

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