Sunday, March 09, 2008

Practical Christianity
... if someone will say that superstition rather than true devotion prompted [Catholic piety in Europe], the record not only tells of the thousands in every country who sought a better lay life in the Third Orders of St. Francis, St. Dominic and others, but also the formidably organized and extended active guilds, societies, and confraternities whose purpose was to apply the teachings of Christ to the social needs of the day. Every conceivable kind of charity and mutual aid seems to have been covered. The poor, the sick, prisoners, the plague-stricken, girls in difficulties, families facing hard times, the lending of money without usury, the dead, all these were catered for in a honeycomb of practical Christianity.
The Meddlesome Friar and the Wayward Pope: The Story of the Conflict Between Savonarola and Alexander VI, by Michael De La Bedoyere, 1952

From Stephen Hand.

P.S. The ‘Reformation’ was a mistake.

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