Saturday, March 22, 2008

On something like the kind of Catholic traditionalism I’m trying to reach for in this blog, of which my Anglican background is a big part
Not all traditionalist [Roman] Catholics today are what a friend of mine calls “Leave It to Beaver”* stylized Catholic traditionalists. As I have written before, I consider folks such as Daniel Mitsui and Moretben to be, shall we say, neo-trads. These traditionalist Catholics, and others like them, are quite sympathetic to Orthodox theology and praxis in a manner which is substantial and serious. They are also men who are not living in an insular la-la land but who engage, each in their own manner, modernity in many facets. Read their blogs. Daniel Mitsui’s writing does not strike me as the slightest bit fearful; instead it carries the ethos of a solemn requiem, a holy remembering, even, to use Orthodox language, a joyful sorrow.
Owen White

Owen on Orthodox-Roman Catholic ecumenism and the Patriarch of Constantinople’s approach: spite of all of the bureaucratic-love in the room, high ranking “pro-ecumenical” Orthodox again and again use rhetoric which signifies that the Orthodox Church is not going to budge on matters that divide.
Or all Orthodox agree on the limits of the scope of the Pope (man-made office for the good of the church like any rank of the divinely instituted episcopate but not with universal jurisdiction) but the nice ones don’t feel like they have to exaggerate the differences and go all over the Internet calling people graceless heretics.

*An allusion to 1950s American television: a ‘let’s re-create the ’50s exactly’ approach.

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