Thursday, March 27, 2008

There is no RC voting bloc
John Zmirak at Taki explains this and the three US presidential contenders. Don’t get played on abortion but he’s right.
What a rich tradition it is, that yields citizens who think and vote... just about like everybody else. As the Borg might say, “You have been assimilated.” Submission accomplished.

Of course it’s appalling that millions of church-goers who claim to believe that abortion is murder are sitting around dithering over which pro-abortion Democrat, Reverend Ike or Margaret Sanger, will offer them more bleeding chunks of pork hacked off from their fellow taxpayers.

The worst candidate is undoubtedly Hillary Clinton, who pretends to oppose neocon interventionism when it suits her, but shows her true colors in her votes and in the things she doesn’t say (for instance, she won’t rule out attacking Iran).

From a policy perspective, he’s
[Obama] probably the least damaging candidate. While his court appointments will be awful, they’ll be no worse than Hillary’s, and he’s much less likely (as Justin Raimondo points out) to try invading big, messy Islamic countries and bombing them into the Space Age.

McCain is the Erich Ludendorff of the race — the mentally unsound nationalist who helped us lose the last war, and promises to lose the next one on a vastly bigger scale. And I, for one, believe him. Although he claims to be “proudly pro-life,” you can almost hear him winking as he says it.

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