Friday, March 28, 2008

When the old right and the new left found common ground
Just by looking at the things that those right-wing guys said... I always thought that principled conservatives had as solid a reason to oppose the Vietnam War and to oppose racism as anyone within the conventional left.
— Former SDS president Carl Oglesby

Fact thrown down the memory hole (by fake conservative Bill Buckley): the John Birch Society questioned the liberals’ crusade in Vietnam.

René Guénon
esque traditionalists like Fr Seraphim (Rose) saw that although they were wrong about many things (because they were just as rootless as their parents) the hippies had a point.

The s(pl)urge
Justin Raimondo’s latest. Here he is again at Taki on the Iraq body count.

Woodrow Wilson’s war on Catholic Europe
The world would have been better off if the Central Powers had won

In the last century’s ’teens the progressive Protestants were hawks because they were and still are anti-Catholic; the evangelicals and fundamentalists were doves and remained so as recently as the 1930s.
Wilson’s ideas in 1918 live on in the ideas of the neo-Wilsonians of our own time, especially in the worldview of President George W. Bush and his “neoconservative” supporters (who are not really conservative at all, but are rather some kind of hyper-progressive).
From Joshua Snyder.

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