Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Ron Paul scares the Republicans
Paul’s leave-us-alone libertarianism hasn’t fit in with a party anxious to read our e-mail, improve our values, assert American power abroad and subsidize friendly industries at home. The party’s recent mix of ‘national greatness’ neoconservatives, evangelical theoconservatives and K Street careerists has had many goals, but leaving people alone hasn’t been one of them.
Read all of Michael Grunwald’s article in
Time, though parts of it reek with establishment disdain.
Bush’s approval ratings have been abysmal for years, but Paul was the only Republican who really campaigned for change.
Mike Gravel wants to be the Libertarian candidate

Death of the suburb

Interestingly, the modern ’burb is largely a creation of the federal government and its New Deal and post-WWII mortgage-subsidizing programs, which favored only a few house designs (ranch, etc.), and unnatural, anti-commercial, all-residential neighborhoods. The better to mold and control us, of course.
The last French WWI foot soldier
More than anything, he was appalled that he had been made to fire on people he didn’t know and to whom he, too, was a stranger. These were fathers of children. He had no quarrel with them. C’est complètement idiot la guerre. His Italian Alpine regiment had once stopped firing for three weeks on the Austrians, whose language many of them spoke; they had swapped loaves of bread for tobacco and taken pictures of each other. To the end of his life, Mr Ponticelli showed no interest in labelling anyone his enemy. He said he did not understand why on earth he, or they, had been fighting.
‘Humane, with a very reasonable and spiritual conclusion’
Every time I see Jeremiah Wright’s name, I think of Jeremiah the Prophet, who also gave his country a good tongue-lashing and was imprisoned for being ‘unpatriotic’ and correct about impending defeat by the Babylonians.
— Jerri Ward

From the LRC blog.

That said:
Wright’s creed, to the extent I can understand it on the basis of broad but not particularly deep research, is an Afro-centric variation of the socialist heresy called Liberation Theology... actually a form of idolatry: creating a “God” to suit his personal specifications, which in this case would be a variant of the Golem myth — a monster summoned to smite and destroy an enemy. It is a photographic negative of the neo-Nazi “Aryan Christ” heresy.

... unmistakably akin to every other version of the Civil Religion — that is, a theology that supports concentration of power in a political state and the punishment, through ostracism, banishment, or liquidation, of those who refuse to make the State the cynosure of their existence.
William Grigg

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