Thursday, April 10, 2008

Camille Paglia on Larry, Moe and Curly Obama, the witch and the mad bomber
I met her once: she’s very talkative and clever, not always right but often very funny
Hillary’s forces have acted like the heavy, pompous galleons of the imperial Spanish Armada, outmaneuvered by the quick, bold, entrepreneurial ships of the English fleet... With her outlandish fibbing and naive self-puffery, her erratic day-to-day changes of tone and message, her glassy, fixed smiles, and her leaden and embarrassingly unpresidential jokes about pop culture. The Founders envisioned the president as a person of unpretentious common sense and good character. With her arrogant sense of dynastic entitlement, she’s a royalist who, like Napoleon, wants to crown herself. Slippery Hillary, stolidly pumping and pumping her narcissistic bellows like a steam engine.

Obama has actually served longer in public office than Hillary has.

I certainly do not believe that McCain’s traumatic experiences as a prisoner have any bearing whatsoever on his suitability to be president.

I do simply want to pack up and leave Iraq tomorrow — though logistically the withdrawal of troops and equipment would take a year or more. In my case, there is no “hindsight”: I repeatedly and publicly denounced the Iraq incursion before it occurred, and I believe that events have proved me right.
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