Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charley on the Episcopal row
The communion-level flap and the resistance to covenanting is manifestly about making sure that those third world bishops in Africa, South America, and East Asia do not get any power over the rich, self-satisfied, enlightened first world. In an earlier decade, this would have been called “racist”. Whether it is truly thus is for others to debate, but the elitism is unmistakable and blatant.

I would not belittle the real suffering of any particular woman — or man, for that matter. Real oppression, real privation, real suffering are all easy to find, in past or present. But university professors and college deans are not oppressed, and do not suffer desperate want, and do not risk bodily harm simply by showing up for work.
Or vicars in New Jersey for that matter.
It is unseemly that they summon up those grim prospects in defense of their own license and power.

When are these people going to catch on to the irony (not to say self-parody) of their situations?

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