Monday, April 28, 2008

A decent third-party candidate
I prefer the Libertarians because they haven’t got the Protestant-right baggage (and promising LP contender Bob Barr apparently hasn’t latched onto anti-immigrant resentment) but the Constitution Party doesn’t suck. Like the world would be better if more liberals were like Dennis Kucinich (we can join in staying out of wars and disagree amicably on how to conduct the peace, well-meant socialism versus Misesian economics) I’d be happy if all moral majoritarians were like Pastor Chuck. Thank God he beat Alan Keyes.

Republic not empire
LRC’s Charley Reese. Mark Twain describing America’s war of conquest in the Philippines sounds like Iraq today and
One reason we are so in debt is that the brainless in our country have been paying for the defense of Europe and Japan ever since the end of World War II.

That allowed Europe and Japan to modernize their factories while ours deteriorated.

For a republic to survive, it needs a well-educated people with self-discipline and high morals, healthy agricultural and manufacturing bases, sound money and a frugal but wise government. I don’t see much of that around these days.
You can’t make this stuff up:

‘Free Tibet’ flags... made in China
Those irrepressible, entrepreneurial Han Chinese ‘making a buck off the marketing of a revolution’ selling to people like these. LOL, brilliant. BTW they also make US military uniforms.

From Joshua Snyder.

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