Friday, April 18, 2008

The end of air travel as we know it?

The lingering protestantisation of American RCism

There is no more bloc RC vote and pro-abortion pols think they have a ‘right’ to receive Communion from the Pope

Speaker Pelosi, really the country’s ranking RC, was put in a position to stop the war on Iraq — also opposed by Rome — but didn’t as she is beholden to Israel.

The three candidates from nowhere
Why does this matter? What’s wrong with electing competent but rootless people to public office? Because just as one cannot love the “human race” before one loves particular human beings, neither can one love “the world” unless he first achieves a deep understanding of his own little piece of that world. America is not, as the neoconservatives like to say, an idea: it is a place, or rather the sum of a thousand and one little, individuated places, each with its own history and accent and stories. A politician who understands this will act in ways that protect and preserve these real places. A rootless politico will babble on about “the homeland” — a creepily totalitarian phrase that, pre-Bush, was not applied to our country.
From Joshua Snyder.

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