Sunday, April 13, 2008

From Taki’s comments
If a writer were to make the ultimate satiric remark about Islam’s increasing presence in America, and say something like “And soon they’ll be having the call to prayer in Harvard Square...” the remark would hardly be satirical — they are now broadcasting prayers by a muezzin in Harvard Yard...
Harvard is a private school and should be allowed to have any kind of prayers they want. One more reason to avoid over-priced, Ivy League indoctrination factories. For every Taki they produce, they churn out a hundred Michelle Obamas.

Harvard is a private school? What then do we make of the billions of dollars taken from taxpayers and bestowed on it through various student loans, Pell Grants, research grants, and all the rest? Harvard is about as “private” as New York City’s subway system.
I believe in academic freedom and the autonomy of the sciences (there’s no such thing as Muslim physics) but it’s like thanks to the Land O’Lakes Statement in 1967 RC colleges in the US are no longer really RC.
I find it suspicious that Mr. Spitzer’s dalliances were brought to light just a few weeks after he wrote an article critical of the Bush administration for its complicity in the current financial crises.

The New York Times is every bit as much a rag as any of the English gutter press but with an undeserved reputation of respectability.

Taki, too, bemoans the increasing influence of Islam, making snide remarks about suicide bombers.

I wonder: does he think the dashing American/British flyboys who drop their deadly cargoes from 30,000 ft. in the air are also worthy of such scorn?

Boston’s colleges bring in a ton of revenue from foreign countries. That’s the reason for the call to prayer.
Of course I believe in freedom of religion but rather like the idea somebody had of ringing most of Oxford’s church bells at the same time the muezzin does his thing there.
When the left-wing attorney Lynn Stewart was being sentenced for releasing the blind sheikh’s message to Egyptians, the prosecutor demanded a life sentence, “because she is a terrorist, and once a terrorist, always a terrorist.” “But,” the confused paleoconservative asked, “weren’t Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir terrorists, and didn’t American presidents shake their hands at various times?” “What the Devil, sir!” the outraged neocon spluttered. “Are you comparing the great State of Israel with these raghead terrorists?” Which proves that one should judge terrorists by their cause (Israel’s is good, all others’ are bad), not their terror. The problem is that some of us believe that the Muslims have a worthy cause: getting uninvited foreigners out of their lands. If only Germany would purge itself of its Adenauer tendencies and reestablish the ties with Iran it enjoyed in the 1930s.

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