Sunday, April 20, 2008

Giuliani publicly disrespects the Pope
By receiving Communion and telling the press afterwards. (More from Arturo on the subject.) I think it’s a sign of the protestantisation of his generation of RCs. As recently as Paul VI’s visit to New York in the 1960s that wouldn’t have happened even with a former mayor. My guess is the Holy See’s and Archdiocese of New York’s reaction, if any, may be something like ‘it’s on his conscience; he shouldn’t have done that’, perhaps wisely not making a scene/making it worse by making a big statement.

By protestantisation I don’t just mean rejecting the unique Roman claims about the papacy but along with that the whole Catholic notion of an infallible church, which doesn’t come naturally in a Protestant country so assimilation is understandable. (I think Arturo understands that.) People of Giuliani’s generation have adopted blue-state America’s default religion, ‘son of Protestantism’ or ‘spiritual not religious’, or as A Thinking Reed puts it
It’s a staple of much writing about religion in the popular media that religious belief simply can’t be a matter of truth, but is instead a matter of preference or, at most, an expression of an utterly ineffable spiritual experience. But this position, ironically, assumes a superior vantage point on the truth of the matter than that occupied by sincere religious believers themselves.

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