Thursday, April 24, 2008

The last Mohicans of western Aramaic
In the Qalamoun Mountains of Syria. Samer’s LRC pick today.

He writes:
The key word here is ‘Western’ in ‘Western Aramaic’. The people of the Aramaic villages in the area, unlike speakers of Turoyo in Turkey and of the Neo-Syriac vernaculars in Iraq (who are members of the Syriac and Assyrian/Chaldæan churches) are the only people left who speak what survives of the Western family of Aramaic dialects to which the Palestinian Aramaic dialects of Jesus’ time belonged. Contrary to what one might expect, none of these remaining few are members of the churches of Syriac tradition. Instead, they are made up of Muslims, Melchites, and Greek Orthodox.

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