Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Sailer on Obama
To counter the impressions of Obama as either a secret Muslim (preposterous) or an opportunistic agnostic (plausible), the Obama campaign has long trumpeted his ties to Reverend Wright.

If Hillary is the original Terminator 101 of candidates, a cyborg relentlessly plodding onward, Obama is the quicksilver Terminator 1000 from “Terminator 2,” a shape-shifting quantum leap in political skill, able to persuade voters that he is whomever they want him to be.
I’ve no problem voting for an agnostic, only one that abuses religion.

But in the end Sailer agrees with me that
Obama may be the best candidate of the three remaining.
Mon Dieu, what pigs!
Like with many stereotypes there’s some truth in what Obama said (I don’t like anti-immigrant talk either) but here he lets the cat out of the bag saying what his upper middle class really think of small-town Americans

More from Marcus Epstein at Taki.
In one sentence, Obama both demeans millions of Americans and dismisses their religious faith, cultural traditions, and political opinions.
Want the audacity of hope? Real change? From a candidate who doesn’t actually despise you?

Try this one or this one instead.

Bill Cosby’s black conservatism
Like the late Zora Neale Hurston
Cosby’s gospel of discipline, moral reform, and self-reliance offers a way out — a promise that one need not cure America of its original sin in order to succeed. Racism may not be extinguished, but it can be beaten.
From Rod Dreher.

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