Saturday, April 26, 2008

On obliterating Iran for Israel’s sake
Hillary Clinton’s nuclear umbrella: a little sabre-rattling possibly to secure the Jewish vote, rattling she can afford because the dim and ill-informed assume she’s for peace because she’s a she, identified with the left and of a certain generation. She hasn’t been for a long time. (Which makes sense because once you adopt the idea that the state is a means of social change — as she did in the late 1960s protesting the Vietnam War making some of the same points this blog and others do about Iraq — you end up supporting aggressive wars for that cause like Kennedy’s and Johnson’s adventure in Indochina and the fake conservatives’ in Mesopotamia.) Although I appreciate not hiding behind fog-of-pomposity corporate talk as described by Paul Fussell — ‘we will consider our options’ — I agree with Deacon Jim that this is sick and unneeded:
For my part, let Israel take care of itself. Israel has nuclear weapons, and tons of military hardware provided by this country. Why should we get involved?

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