Thursday, April 10, 2008

Palæoconservatism’s prospects in rocky soil
On Serbia and Russia
Orthodoxophobia and
Just how long do we think we can poke the Russian bear and get away with it?
That reminds me: at last I saw The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!, a good-hearted Cold War farce released the year I was born. IIRC the film that made Alan Arkin famous (I wonder if Sacha Baron Cohen studied his performance; the tash and broken English seem awfully familiar). Of course this really wouldn’t have happened; it was a Cold War; Russia and the US were at peace. A treat for me: dialogue in Russian done well, interestingly without subtitles (probably to emphasise the fright of the townspeople by showing the visitors’ alienness). I could understand some of it.

Also from Rod Dreher:

The hippies had a point

The sustaining narrative
We’re not asking young men and women to die in Iraq to protect American liberty. But this grieving mother needs to believe that so her son will have died in some greater cause.

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