Friday, April 18, 2008

Political mythmaking
Rather less than myth: more like politics as Us Weekly, Mexican wrestling or a bad TV show about high school. The Republicans may have invented this but I don’t think Lee Atwater did. Witness Ike versus Stevenson (‘the egghead’).

Also in Salon:

Hate crime
Whatever Chris Matthews’ real problems are, apparently a few months ago he was slated for not sufficiently acknowledging and bewailing his manifold sins and wickedness such as recognising that the sexes are different and thus get different reactions: some women are beautiful, barn-burning speeches don’t work for at least some women (IMO they don’t for screechy Clinton) and a woman wronged gets sympathy yet Clinton is ‘witchy’ (fair game, to do with personality, different to the more physical insult of its cousin the b-word). I didn’t see the offences so of course I could be wrong but that’s how it looks from here.

Don’t blame capitalism
Blame the state

al-Maliki = Nguyen Van Thieu; al-Sadr = the North Vietnamese; Baghdad = Saigon

From LRC.

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