Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The real problem with the FLDS
Is that they reaped what they sowed by living on the dole, a point that William Grigg made earlier
While I don’t have any problem with people who want to practice polygamy — it’s practiced in many other countries with no apparent ill side-effects — I do have a problem with the way the group makes it possible to sustain this practice financially.

The state may not recognize unlicensed marriage, but they also have no legitimate legal authority to turn a religious institution into a “legal” institution. However, the FLDS goes a step further by having the “unwed” mothers apply for state welfare. They don’t just want to live their lifestyle in peace; they want to have the people of the State of Texas pay so that they can afford to maintain so many wives and children.

So my fellow Texans and I get to pay into the system so that Warren Jeffs and his followers can afford to live the kind of life they have designed. In real life, only a very rich man could afford to support 70 or 80 children and multiple wives. The FLDS isn’t really an independent body at all.
In Islam a man may have up to four wives if he really and truly can afford to support them.

Jeffs can have his cult but don’t make me pay for it.
When you step back and examine what is going on in this case, you can see that we are being conditioned into believing that the rights enumerated in our constitutions are not inviolate as is stated, but totally irrelevant if the state merely acts as if it has authority.

If the state of Texas can prevail in this terrible attack on liberty against a group that hasn’t much sympathy in the press or public at large, then any “weird” group or family can be targeted with impunity.
In the early 1800s many Americans wanted to do this to Roman Catholics, an impulse that never went away even though Protestantism in blue (liberal) states has degraded into political correctness. (They wouldn’t go after these RCs.)
Unfortunately the state will also bilk the federal taxpayer since the Federal government pays state CPS agencies for every child taken from parents (for whatever reason).

The United States was once a beacon to people all around the world because of its dedication to the principles of freedom. If we cannot avert our country’s current heading, it will be no country for free men.
From LRC.

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