Wednesday, April 30, 2008

  • Rogation Days: another way for the liturgical calendar to mark the changing of the seasons. From Tea at Trianon.
  • New page on Orthodoxy. One of three pages.
  • Icons explained. More.
    While the veneration of icons may be an optional part of any particular person’s piety, it is not an optional part of the Faith. From an Eastern perspective, the veneration of icons by Latins, even before the felt-banner era, seems rather restrained. Icons are not treated as a necessary part of church architecture or liturgical worship. Indeed it seems that Latins pray with icons as a sort of lectio divina — a springboard for meditation and prayer, whereas in the East, we pray with icons by praying in the presence of icons.
  • Also from Eirenikon, standard Catholic stuff on ecumenism worth repeating, from a Russian Orthodox bishop.
    “We must realize that Orthodox and [Roman] Catholic believers are no longer rivals. We are allies. The rivalry must be gone once and for all. If we understand that, proselytism will stop.” The bishop said that “romantic ecumenism,” which he said characterizes the World Council of Churches and the Conference of European Churches, is not viable. He said that many Protestants have created a “light version of Christianity, without apostolic succession, without sacraments, without strict dogmatic teaching and what is also important they don’t require sticking to Christian moral norms.”
    Without church infallibility it doesn’t work. Non-Catholics misunderstand this as oppressive but it actually limits fallible people’s power.
  • How not to try and spread the truth: Fr Chris Tessone on religious liberty. I like Fr Amphilochios, a guide for this blog for nearly two years: neither indifferentist nor ‘orthodoxy turned into a cult’.
  • On good stewardship of God’s creation as part of a sacramental worldview. From Per Christum.

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