Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ron Paul got 16 per cent in Pennsylvania
Not bad!

Creeping eugenicism in environmentalism
For the day after Earth Day: the notion of limiting the ‘wrong’ kind of people (like the kind not likely to buy into these people’s ideology?) recurs in this movement like warts, or why such people push contraception and abortion on the Third World. A socially acceptable and even sanctimonious way to be racist as humorist P.J. O’Rourke saw. I’ve seen first hand what such really think of the disabled when they’re not cute. And why do you think so many Down babies are aborted? Lebensunwertes Leben.

More on Mr Bush and the Pope
  • A neocon writer has twisted the Holy Father’s ‘dictatorship of relativism’ remark, possibly put into Mr Bush’s welcome speech by a knowledgeable RC, to use as a culture-wars truncheon on ‘those libs and evil Europeans’. Wars of aggression and torture are OK then. If European relativism is well-advanced, Lowry’s relativism is in a critical state of metastasized cancer. Ratzinger has modernists like Lowry pegged.
  • The blasphemous ‘Battle Hymn of Murdering Civilians’, erm, ‘the Republic’ sung by a men’s choir at the ceremony. Today, entire books are written by neocons that urge America’s youth to volunteer to die to “make men free” in, well, in any country the neocons happen to be unhappy with at the time. And oh yes, the people who write such songs, and urge our young people to sing them and follow their advice, NEVER include themselves and THEIR families in the word “us,” as in Let “us” die... The same modern-liberal idea (‘let’s go change the world’) that sent soldiers to Vietnam. And don’t miss Mark Twain’s version of the song.
On driving while using a mobile
This one made me think. No exceptions to liberty:
[It] might be a vice, but, as we know, vices are not crimes. If you cause an accident you should be held accountable. Period. Cell phone or no cell phone.

[Don’t] make people criminals before they have committed a crime.
From the LRC blog.

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