Friday, April 11, 2008

The truth about the Tibet furore?
China invaded Tibet in 1959
The only reason these people [the left] are concerned about Tibet is because China has been running headlong away from communism, and the left does not like it. The same can be said for the Neo-cons (emphasis on “cons”) who pretty much hate anything capitalist and are wanting to whip up war hysteria between the USA and China.
But considering that the US is in debt to the Chinese...

Our man doesn’t try to tell China what to do.

Here he questions General Petraeus on Iraq:

The truth about the US 2008 election?
Never mind real issues. Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain. No, let’s talk about Obama’s middle name or which church he goes to.
The election will be as relevant to your life as the outcome of an “American Idol” contest. The upcoming “debates” will be as empty-headed as the inquiries made of beauty contestants: “if you had but one wish ...”

In our Marshall McLuhan universe, public opinion polls have become substitutes for critical thinking. This election will amount to little more than a popular referendum on whether people prefer the mindset of Oprah Winfrey or Bill O’Reilly.

The fight for the Libertarian nomination

If you don’t like the nickname ‘the mad bomber’ how about ‘Cheney’s third term’?
He’d make present-day Cheney look like Gandhi says Pat Buchanan

From the LRC blog.

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