Tuesday, April 29, 2008

US House chairman threatens subpoenas on torture policy

Networks silenced anti-war voices

Ethanol and the food shortage

As Joshua Snyder was saying
Big government accomplished at a stroke what the free market could never have done: They turned the food supply into a subsidiary of the energy industry.

In order for you to put biofuel in your Prius and feel good about yourself for no reason, real actual people in faraway places have to starve to death.
Prediction about China
Tibet will never be independent and will most likely never enjoy the “true autonomy” the Dalai Lama has been working toward all his life. The youth of China will not overthrow their government. China is not going to fall apart under a barrage of news reports.
Because like the socialist Swedes the Chinese are pretty happy with their country and rising standard of living.

Clinton... left the White House with the highest approval ratings of any departing president in Gallup polling history.
The modern American Freedom Movement is a Dagwood Sandwich stacked high with medallions of Classical Liberals, at least two conflicting flavors of Objectivism, heaping portions of traditional Old Right conservative laissez-faire capitalists, plentiful helpings of “big L,” “little L” and “civil” libertarians, thick slices of Austrians and Chicagoans and Public Choicers, wedges of gradualists and radicals, realists and idealists, purists and big-tenters, rations of Minimal-Statists sautéed with anarchists, salted with anarcho-capitalists, sprinkled with a pinch of agorism, and spiced up with Just Plain Old Curmudgeonly Contrarians, all seasoned... with a shakerful of Iconoclastic Individualism.
Yes, the left have got us sussed: just a load of conformists who want to bring back the 1950s. ;)

A critic of Ron Paul accuses him of financial misdoing
You know what? I don’t care if all the money didn’t go into the presidential campaign. I don’t like the nativist tinge in campaigning either, when Buchanan did it or now, nor do I believe in a radical individualism (a sort of ultimate Protestantism for narcissists?). Must make me half-libertarian and half-palæo or something. I can live with that. Neither by definition is a leader cult but I reckon I’m a Rondroid in this person’s thinking. I can live with that too.

We must imagine a life without oil
I know but still don’t know what to do

Lowering the bar
Enmeshed in two military occupations that have turned into well-publicized quagmires, the Army and Marines are understandably having trouble enlisting new recruits. Their answer: vastly increase the number of convicted felons and other societal miscreants accepted into their ranks.

According to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, from 2006 to 2007 the Army more than doubled its felonious recruits and the Marine Corps increased its share by more than two-thirds.

One problem is ... the U.S. is not fighting a war against what the American public perceives as a dire threat.
Because it’s not! Even the people who say it is act like it’s not and give themselves away.
Another problem is that recruiting societal miscreants might especially impair counterinsurgency warfare. Especially violent people, or those who don’t properly control their behavior, might be adequate for all-out combat against a conventional enemy, but would not be good at winning hearts and minds. In fact, when faced with guerrillas who attack and then melt back into the general population, these recruits might be more apt to commit atrocities against the population.
Immigration law should reflect dynamic labour market
Here the establishment libertarians are right and I and my favourite sites part ways

When right and left agree, something is happening!
This is the only time in my life that I can ever remember when the right and the left agree more with each other than the so-called “centrists” of the GOP and the Democratic Party.

The amazing part of this scenario is that the Right, not the Neo-Cons that claim to represent the right, but actual conservative, independents that abhor governmental control of their lives are expressing the very same sentiments as we on the left are expressing.

I believe that free thinkers from the right and from the left are both coming to an agreement that we no longer trust or support those entities that are controlling our government.
From Rational Review.

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