Sunday, April 13, 2008

The WaPo on Anglican monasticism
  • The mainstream media don’t get religion.
  • Do you think The WaPo doesn’t like the Church of Rome?
  • Traditionally monasteries have always had a lot of autonomy.
  • The history and beliefs of the Anglo-Catholic movement are ignored.
  • This very Protestant description might be true today of always-tiny Episcopal monasticism (the writer is right that most have never heard of Anglican monks or nuns): most of the Catholics have left since the 1970s so what remains is Protestant (which includes the credally orthodox, liturgical and sacramental, still much like Catholics except for this).
I once read an article on this in Time that was slightly older than me and without the liberal bias. It included Lutheran deaconesses and I think Taizé.

Until 1967 St Gregory’s like its motherhouse Nashdom in England used the Tridentine Mass and Monastic Breviary in Latin.

From Episcopal Café.

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