Monday, April 14, 2008

‘What was/is Anglicanism?’ again
Somebody recently asked what would have happened in history ‘if Anglicanism had done its job’.

The question is what was/is that job?

I think answers range from two Catholic ones, reunion with the larger church (undoing the ‘Reformation’ but keeping the best of English culture over the past 450 years, things like this) or being the Catholic Church in England with communion with Rome or Orthodoxy a possible good thing but irrelevant, to being both Protestant and Catholic (Catholic and reformed), the via media view of Central Churchmen, to being the sole state-approved purveyor of the true Protestant religion in England, English Evangelicalism and old Tory High Churchmanship, to blessing the Queen and establishment (government) — God-talk for the Conservative or Republican Party, the old ruling classes — to God-talk for political correctness or blessing what the ruling classes are into at the moment, being the spiritual agent of social change!

What are your thoughts?

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