Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Woman in Charge
Coincidentally on the morning of Pennsylvania’s primary election somebody lent me Carl Bernstein’s (of Woodward and Bernstein) biography of Hillary Clinton. I think she often means well (her rarely advertised Methodist faith is sincere like Bush’s and she’s often trying to be charitable) but is just another pro-state, pro-war, pro-abortion pol. After reading only 60 pages so far I understand her good qualities better as well as why she can be horrible. (Long story short: her dad was a bully. She’s tough.)

A mind conservative and a heart liberal... she came up with one way of trying to be that. I chose another.

I probably won’t know until a little later how the woman who opposed the Vietnam War (as did part of the authentic right including the anti-Communist John Birch Society but that’s missing from common knowledge) came to support bombing Serbia on Orthodox Easter, vote to invade Iraq and now talk of a nuclear umbrella defending the state of Israel, threatening Iran. It’s the same self-righteous modern-liberal crusading spirit behind Vietnam (and like Woodrow Wilson).

She should have figured out the answer is essentially vintage Goldwater without her dad’s pathology or the Cold War stuff.

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