Friday, May 16, 2008

Advice for Obama
Why he’s getting my honk not my vote
It’s a libertarian thing; you wouldn’t understand.
I think you are the least likely to utilize nuclear weapons against a country (Iran? China?) that has not attacked us. I think you are the most likely to withdraw our troops from Iraq most quickly and expeditiously. Not that I trust you entirely on these matters. It is just that I think bellicose Hillary, and Mad Bomber McCain, are far more likely to instigate the nuclear horror, and to refrain from ending the debacle in Iraq, than you are.

If Hillary somehow, don’t ask, wins the Democratic nomination and offers you the Vice Presidency on her campaign, do seriously consider taking it. Why not? In another eight years, you will still be a relatively young man. On the other hand, if you win as expected, do
NOT, if you value your life, offer her second position on your ticket.

... why, pray tell, go into Afghanistan? They, too, pose no serious threat of an attack on the U.S., surely the only justification for a declaration of war. (Not that anyone, nowadays, avails himself of so old-fashioned a congressional approval.) As Ron Paul has said on more than one occasion, 9/11 was the work of a bunch of thugs, not that of a sovereign state. In any case, most of the culprits were Saudi Arabians? Should we attack them? Hardly. Why then Afghanistan? No, bring the troops home, and keep them there, until and unless an actual invasion is threatened.

Learn some economics, for goodness’ sakes.
Definitions of ‘fascism’ and ‘addiction’
As in ‘oil addiction’. But first the f-word, a firebomb like ‘fundamentalist’ in religious discourse thrown at different kinds of conservatives. Fascism is:
A form of social organization in which government forces policies upon the business sector in which the state directs production in exchange for guaranteed monopolized markets.

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