Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching up with Mere Comments
  • Fun with grammar. Part of my job is making sure embarrassingly ambiguous writing doesn’t show up in print.
  • The tragic death of Bunny-Wunny. True and false views of nature working, or God made raptors for a reason.
  • Is Belarus turning Communist again? That’s horrible but none of my business if it is but I smell a rat. Is there any confirmation of this story? Didn’t the Norwegians at Forum 18 and others claim, and recently, that the country (Russian to the core — like most of the Ukraine — it probably will reunite with Russia) was favouring the Orthodox and persecuting others? Seems like another case of ‘demonise those backward, chauvinistic Russkies’ (and people sort of like them): when they’re not being embarrassingly Catholic they’re Commies. (USA! USA! Let’s bomb Serbia again!) Perhaps they’re not the only ones engaging in ridiculous Cold War nostalgia. Stuart Koehl in the com-box has a believable explanation (a state-controlled church like the Soviets). Just this weekend somebody told me Lukashenko’s rule is the impediment to Belarus’s reunion with Russia.

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