Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crises of faith
An Oxbridge chaplain’s classic answer to such, repeated recently on the Ship and worth repeating here
Tell us about this god you don’t believe in, because it is likely that we don’t believe in that one either. But we DO believe in something that may make sense to you too.
Of course there’s objective truth/reality but this is wise:
Quite often, a sense of loss such as you describe indicates that you are in the midst of a significant change of view, which will work out over time — but you haven’t formulated what it is that that you are changing to, yet.

Our faith life is rather like our married life — it can be a tremendous source of uplift, but it also requires us to work at building it up.

The notion that “God” does not Exist would imply that we cannot Exist, wouldn’t it? But accepting that Existence must necessarily have a Cause, it does not follow that our concept of what that Cause is can be remotely close to comprehending it.
Of course there’s a lot you can know about him but yes.

BTW lack of a Cause, a prime mover, is among the reasons (besides provably being made up in the last 175 years) Mormonism (which isn’t Christian) doesn’t make sense.
I think we churchy types forget just how weird & pointless ‘normal’ people think what we do is.

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