Monday, May 26, 2008

Dr Fleming on polygamy and the state’s agenda
With a nod to the libertarian view on prostitution
By any legal or moral standard I could think of, the [FLDS] seizure was an abuse of power against the fundamental institution of all human societies, the family. Yesterday’s ruling by the state’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which condemned the action as illegal, restores my faith in the sanity of Texans.

The smoking gun in the case was a telephone call from a girl who claimed to have been abused. When she turned out to have been, apparently, a middle-aged ex-member with a grudge, the case should have fallen apart, but like our Texas President, who kept on changing his excuse for invading Iraq, the prosecutors moved on to other allegations.

The Fundamentalist Mormons are, admittedly, a weird bunch, and I personally find their cult disgusting. Like other Mormon splinter groups, they seem to live off the welfare provided to the mothers of what are in law regarded as illegitimate children. Tom Green (out on parole after a conviction for having sex with his 13-year old “wife”) used to make a good living this way, and, according to people in Utah (Mormon as well as gentile) with whom I have spoken, some monogamous Mormons are all too prone to make use of welfare money to support their large families.

In America today, I do not see that there is any basis for outlawing polygamy.

Prostitution is illegal in most places — with what justification I cannnot imagine — but two consenting adults can do pretty much anything in the privacy of one of their homes.

With the support of a few more Muslim immigrants, the LDS itself might well end its temporary prohibition on polygamy.

Critics of the Fundamentalist Mormons also claim to be shocked by the marriage of underage girls with men in their 20s and 30s, but if they knew anything about the marriage customs of other ages, they would hardly be surprised.
The point:
Here is what the real issue is. State governments routinely promote teenage promiscuous sex in the sex education programs in government schools and in government-funded counseling centers. In many states, condoms are routinely provided to children on the pretext of preventing the spread of STDs, when everyone knows or ought to know that the purpose, as much as the result, is to encourage teenage sex. And yet, here we have a state agency seizing a large group of children on the grounds that teenage girls are having sex with a man they regard as their husband and to whom they have promised fidelity.

If you want to talk about weird, what is weirder than the counselors, child-savers, and feminist prosecutors who want to rescue young women from polygamy only to turn them into unpaid strumpets.
Pig heaven for certain men and businesses marketed to women as empowerment. My God, how the money rolls in.
Our entire culture, from top to bottom, is saturated with images of ... promiscuity.

Let us cut the hypocrisy. America, as a society, is dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women. The only “crime” committed by the Fundamentalist Mormons is their commitment to marriage.
From Chronicles.

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