Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ecumenism with a spine
It’s odd that many people regard the Lefebvrists as mean people who drown puppies in buckets and breathe fire
Common knowledge: those barking bigots who want to force everybody to pray in Latin and preach that all non-RCs (or all not their brand of RC) are going to hell.
but actually, they are all kinds of good people.
The religious left has a similar range from the truly open-minded who defend others’ liberty and accept tradition on their own terms to the self-absorbed and illiberal.
The most charitable way to act towards non-Catholics is to be yourself, that is, Catholic. If you try to hide your Catholic treasures under a bushel basket or be “diplomatic” about points of contention, no one in the end will trust you, though it all might lead to some civil banter. (Heads of ecumenism offices, take note.)

I do firmly believe that all faith traditions are pointed toward the truth since they long for it (heck, even rocks long for union with the One). The language of Catholicism is the most pure expression of the Incarnation, though everything, by its mere existence, hints at it. The way to truly seek unity is to continue on the road that our most perfect faith tradition has made for us. Perhaps it is only through this way, through holding fast to the letter and spirit of Catholic tradition, that we will truly discover and gather together the fragments of truth scattered throughout humanity, and in this way have a chance at real, profound unity.
From Arturo.

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