Thursday, May 08, 2008

GetReligion on Obama and RCs
They seem to favour Clinton: the old working class-Democratic tie is intact and he can’t expand beyond his self-consciously liberal white and black base.

Of course just like colour none of this should matter. Just as there are no black or white rights, nor gay or straight ones, only rights, and there is no such thing as ‘Muslim physics’ only physics, there is no ‘RC version of the Constitution’. Who among the candidates would follow the Constitution? Never mind which religion he belongs to.

Though Clinton’s support seems to say otherwise Brian Walden writes what I’ve often written:
Maybe they’re not reporting about the [Roman] Catholic Vote because it doesn’t really exist. Does anyone know what percentage of Catholic voters actually factor Catholic beliefs into their decision? Sadly, I think it’s a minority of voters. If there is a Catholic Vote I would think it’s due to other factors that may be common among Catholics in a certain state. In which case you’d get more accurate data by classifying voters according to those factors.
There is no ‘Catholic constitutional law’ but there is the Pope’s teaching on war and torture.
A wise DC-based Catholic priest once told me that there are actually four Catholic votes, defined by faith and practice, not politics.
  • Ex-Catholic vote.
  • Cultural Catholic/several Masses a year Catholic vote.
  • Sunday only, I’m OK at the Catholic cafeteria vote.
  • Catholics who sweat the details and go to confession vote.
Writing very generally the last are more or less orthodox but ignore the Pope on the issues I just named. Falling for a mixture of the immigrant as super-patriot trying to prove his loyalty and 1950s Cold Warriorhood they’re also easy marks for the GOP to play them on abortion. And they’re not indifferentists (to their credit) so they go to the other extreme and fall for anti-Muslim scares. (Living down to Obama’s ‘bitter’-people remark they won’t listen when you explain Saddam Hussein was secular, nothing to do with 9/11 and not threatening the US; in fact he once worked for the Americans.) I dare say they’re a minority of RCs and can be lumped together with the Protestant right politically. They’re with McCain. But they’re not the swing vote: the semi- and non-practising masses are.

(Not to boast but knowledgeable orthodox are on our side. I know some. A priest who looked like he was with the Fraternity of St Peter gave the invocation at the Ron Paul speech I went to. But you don’t have to be an orthodox religious anything to get the point. I know we won’t change anything. This might.)

So... McCain and Clinton are competing for most RCs. Enough of them have turned against the war (ending the Reagan Democrat phenom) and wrongly think she’s the answer to that so I think she has a chance.

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