Friday, May 30, 2008

Gin, television and social surplus
Thanks, Tripp! I’ve thought the same about the Internet being better than tele: even if you’re pretending to be an elf (I’ve never played those games) you’re active.

It also reminds me of what somebody said to me about Japan’s social problems. A mediæval society was suddenly forced into a modern Western mould by the American victory and occupation and many Japanese still can’t handle it.

For all the good that industrial capitalism did (for example giving everyman the leisure time once reserved for the rich to read, research things and think — you don’t have to be a lord or a plutocrat to use Steve Jobs’ ‘bicycle for the mind’, the machine I’m using right now), the agrarians have a point. These forced changes weren’t natural, weren’t normal so people drank. (Like animals in captivity not behaving like in the wild because they’re going insane.)

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