Monday, May 26, 2008

The government stole their lives
Garrison Keillor on history, politics and US Memorial Day
The Current Occupant tossed Nazis into a speech last week, something he rarely does since it only reminds people of Dick Cheney.

When it comes to outright hardcore evil, communism outdid the Third Reich hands down.

[But] communism was exploited for short-term political advantage after World War II by Richard Nixon and other weasels of the right, much the way “terrorist” is today, to scare people into acceding to unprecedented secrecy and concentration of power and freedom of bureaucrats from any accountability whatsoever. Spooky old hammerhead politicians found anti-communism to be wonderfully profitable and they rode that horse for years and cheapened the language.

The war on terror, to most people, is a lame joke, and Republicans who’ve been embedded in Washington too long are now finding that the word “terrorism” has lost its tread.

This multitrillion-dollar war is going to wind down, one way or another. The Occupant will hand it off to the next president, who can then negotiate with people who know people who know terrorists and work out a way to extricate our people from the desert.

If a Democrat does it, it will be appeasement, and if a Republican does it, it will go down as a courageous act of statesmanship, but one way or another, it will be done.
Vietnamisation redux, or how Nixon would have been remembered if, like JFK (who got the US mired in Vietnam in the first place), he didn’t get caught or was handsome and had a family (and, er, ‘family’) PR machine to smooth things over.
I got a letter from a U.S. Marine in Fallujah (“trapped in this heat and smoke ... running in circles that won’t change anything”) who, though a “right-wing social conservative,” asks, “Where are the protests from my contemporaries in America’s colleges? Why do I not detect an appropriate sense of urgency from our citizens and elected officials?”
First of all there’s no draft and second all this lets the cat out of the bag that this isn’t a life-or-death struggle for America.
Sen. McCain is now talking about withdrawal except of course he wants to call it “victory.”
See above on Vietnam.

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