Thursday, May 08, 2008

The unwittingly hilarious adoption of the very literalist idea that we should not place a period “where God has put a comma” is a perfect example of how the UCC almost makes a dogma out of the idea of evolving, adaptable religion.
That’s the United Church of Christ, the former Congregationalists merged with the old German Reformed churches in America, but it applies to all liberal Protestantism. From rejecting a Catholic infallible church with its power-limiting rule of law in the form of doctrine it’s a logical degeneration from sola scriptura, the Bible’s teaching is self-evident, to ‘no, it’s not’ to a leader taking the church’s place to ‘new revelation’ from the angel Moroni, made-up languages/anthropology and magic glasses to ‘the church of Oprah’ as friends describe her faith after she left Trinity UCC in Chicago. The church of me, or ‘I’m spiritual not religious’.
Keyes is an histrionic looney, who would annoy anyone who had to debate him for any length of time, and it is insulting to have one’s faith and integrity attacked by a ludricrous Pharisaical showman.
And possibly an agent provocateur sent in to derail real conservatives.

That said,
How could Obama believe the Bible’s proclamation that life was sacred and yet support abortion rights, Keyes would ask? Obama gave “the usual liberal response” about separation of church and state.

[Y]et even as I answered, I was mindful of Mr. Keyes’s implicit accusation — that I remained steeped in doubt, that my faith was adulterated, that I was not a true Christian,” Obama complains.

Well, it wouldn’t have annoyed him that much if Keyes wasn’t onto something.
A president’s religion doesn’t matter in a secular (not the same as secularist) system like the Constitution’s and no mainstream candidate will stop abortion so don’t get played but yes.
[Clinton] will win overwhelming victories in Kentucky and West Virginia in the next two weeks. Imagine the resistance that [Obama] faced in the Monongahela Valley, and then expand it to include entire states.

McCain has problems unifying his party, but they are as nothing compared to this.

This is also why she isn’t going to go away for the next month, despite the certainty that she will not be the nominee.

Obama boosters will be having fits for weeks, denouncing Clinton in ever-more vituperative ways, which will work to aggravate the already difficult task of unifying the party.
Pacifist red herrings and the ‘pro-war’ label
The truth:
Some wars are necessary, but most are not.
The religious right
Was a footnote in the 1980 US presidential election, end of story
When Mr. Bush dresses up his war of aggression as part of some mission to realise God’s plan of liberating the world — a crazier, more destructive form of liberation theology, I dare say, than most of what comes out of Trinity United — that is worthy of condemnation, and, of course, many traditionalists have condemned it.

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