Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LP candidates
Or Bob Barr may not be the answer (BTW marriage doesn’t need defending by the state). At least on his site he says he’s non-interventionist in principle. (Obama isn’t.) If the LP is on Pennsylvania’s ballot this year of course I’ll vote LP again as in years past (only now as a paid-up member).

Ron Paul’s cultural conservatism is just right. The kind that can see decency in and common ground with parts of the left for example. Yet libertarianism is not libertinism.

Why I don’t go with the Constitution Party: sometime Moral Majoritarian Chuck Baldwin has good things to say about non-intervention (like a ’90s conservative)...

Chuck Baldwin may think gays are clandestine operatives trying to take over the two major parties on the way to world domination.
As Joshua Snyder writes ‘of course, none of us are under the illusion that a third-party candidate could win’ but no.

I’m just marking time before this happens.

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