Thursday, May 22, 2008

LRC blog round-up
Still a honk but no vote
Obama is to the right of Clinton on economic issues (opposed to the narrative that he’s to the left of her) and pretty close to McCain.

Combined with his opposition to the war and his support for civil liberties, Obama is far, far preferable to McCain, although I’ll still be casting my vote for Barr (who I see as a flawed Paul — similar in many ways, but nowhere near the real thing) if he gets the nod.
In this case I’ll vote for my party’s candidate whoever he or she may be.

The state of the campaigns
The GOP will nominate their weakest candidate since Wendell Willkie. He’s a dead man walking.

The Democrats could nominate a candidate, Hillary, who would be a lock to beat McCain. Instead, they appear to be about to nominate a complete unknown, far-left law professor and product of the Chicago Democratic machine.
Larison says she has a chance in NC.

The LP ought to draft Paul says James Ostrowski.

He got 15 per cent in Oregon.

He’s sensibly going back to Congress instead of a kamikaze mission. I know the LP won’t win. Just stock up, sit back and wait for this.

1984 (which I read that year) was only 24 years too early
Plans to monitor and store every e-mail, Internet visit and phone call made in Britain

The War of 1812 (more)
Which produced America’s anthem (‘America the Beautiful’ is better)
As Mencken once pointed out, the Americans have a habit of kicking foreign countries when they’re down, declaring war on them, and then declaring a heroic victory as if any courage at all had been necessary to attack a prostrate nation.

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